There are two ways of earning a VALIDATE certificate: either by succesfully completing the e-learning course (including final report and presentation), or by completing week 1 until 3 of the e-learning course and an internship project. Both certificates are accredited by the Scientific Development and Capacity Building Committee (SDCB) of Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi;

VALIDATE Basic Certificate

After successful completion of the final assignment of the VALIDATE e-learning course, you will receive the VALIDATE Basic Certificate.

VALIDATE Advanced Certificate

After completion of week 3, or the final assignment, you also have the possibility to take a VALIDATE internship at one of the consortium organizations or an intership project that you arranged in consultation with another HTA or health policy institute (See for more information the page about the VALIDATE internship at our project website). After successful completion of an internship project, you will receive the VALIDATE Advanced Certificate.